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Residual Yogi's Transition Featured

Something moved
Hands feet baseline
Pelvic floor
Intense long hold

His dripping perspiring brow
Panther fingers tight gripped prowl
Elongated, direct, swing, pain
Pointed toe over numb brain

Next place in time
Tense frozen flesh
Panic overthrows mind

An outside world looks in
It sees a serene composed being
Yet hiding darkly beneath
A coward crying for relief

On and on and on the pose flows
Threshold of escalated uncertainty
Aches through to blue butterfly filtrum
Quiver shaking about to snap

Worthlessness hopelessness despair
Shallow cave of black rising fury-air
Guilty repressed punished stare
Backbend over a chair

Electrified manipulated lotus
Penetrated calm
At the break of orange-pink dawn
Extended forearm

From point to point an arc
New taut scented existence arrives
Strength outgrows weakness
Power gets bored with doubt

Many months since he came
Lukewarm mat hiding tormented shame
Residual Yogi’s heart not too far torn
Transition through fear he’s reborn!