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Dili 2008 Dili 2008 Taken by: John Kulper

Remember when you were a kid and used to get excited over the smallest thing - like Dad bringing home a bar of Cadbury chocolate or a simple ride in the car to the beach or a visit to your Aunty Chris's place in the country? Remember those days before computers, email, mobile phones and advertising; distracting us away from... family and human contact? 

WELL! Even though being hammered for generations and through vicious genocide - East Timor, behind the smoke of solemn loss and pain; still has that youthful, family based excitement! They don't have video games teaching children how to kill inanimate objects or access to cancerous internet, useless information! FOR THE MAJORITY - they live in tin shacks - yet when you pull up alongside the road and look past the torture in the adults eyes to the children - you see this explosion of excitement, optimism and energy!

They clearly have something that we have lost whilst we have been busy imprisoning ourselves in the latest Sony television, Ford Motor Car or heavily mortgaged home... They don't have all these worries... They don't get up in the morning and think, I have to go to work to pay the interest on my credit card debt or for that designer handbag that I really, really, really needed. 

They get up and go for a swim in the ocean, chase chickens around the yard, prune their mango tree, fatten up their pigs, weave baskets, climbs trees for honey - slowly, slowly they get-into-the-day...

The mornings in East Timor are magical - the mornings in Dili are exhilarating - cool mist, cool thick mist covers the town and almost in a blink of eye a mountain appears and the first rays of hot sun beams through - suddenly the town is on fire-with-life...

Although they seem sad and there's an uneasy beat that pulsates loudly in their consciousness, they have something that we often crave for - "a natural unwavering sense of belonging" 


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