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Villa Sunset Wave is a new 3 bedroom villa for sale which is set on 1800 sqm of cliff-top property overlooking Medewi Beach. This area of Bali is unspoiled by the traffic, construction and congestion of the common tourist areas of Kuta and Legian and Seminyak to the south. You'll appreciate the serenity and peace of Villa Sunset Wave, as well as the very high quality construction and superbly-engineered timber work for the exterior terraces, decks, and bales.

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In the Ubud rice fields
Surrounded by jungle and hills
There are no roads
No cars
Just little tracks
Sitting in the 'Villa Shanti'
The day dies
Night arrives
Head on pillow
The silence arrives
Natures holy orchestra
A constant hum of insects
Bebek (duck), Ayam (chicken) and other birds nestling in
A gecko sings
Finches chatter
Rustling and flapping
The pigeon coos
It goes on all night long... then the roster cries!
Wake up!

You wake up and still in a dream.
Walk along little tracks.
Cafes over rice fields.
The morning gleam.
Ladies with baskets of dirt; they're happy, polite... they smile!
Another track and another wonder.
Yoga, perched high - the fields beaming with life!
You are silent, quiet, in awe... really you feel like screaming... with delight!
Internet cafe, facebook, Three Monkeys Cafe for lunch.
Green tea, contemplation...
No phones, only email and even that's too much.
Background music, old songs but the words seem new - a revival.
When do dreams become reality?
When does scribble become inspiration?
The limitation of life is only there because we say so...
... we move on!

The gecko croaks
The rooster calls
Waves caressing the shore
The sun takes the darkness away
Bali blue breeze massaging the senses
Day 8 and still no telephone, computer or television
Mesmerized by God's canvass
Deck chair, sun tan, green tea
Gentle strokes in the swimming pool
The Indian Ocean
Long days
No distractions
Drift off to sleep, awake, drift off to sleep, awake...
The twilight pulls in an amazing orange sunset
Medewi dreams
Warm night breeze
Fresh sheets...
...I'm rebooting...