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Thick jet-black hair
Totally out there
Panoramic vision
Fiery extreme optimism
Three jobs
Owner of RSL cab 217
Bringing home Cadbury chocolate
That tastes just like heaven
Nothing ever a bother
Rough and tumble
Seven children
Five wives
Always in a blue
An iconic Australian man 

Who strangely never opened a beer can
Beat up his father at fourteen
Protecting his mother from groggy mauling
Taking a stand
Against things he found appalling
Oversized working classed hands
Always mending something
From a leaking tap to a damaged heart
Getting people out of strife
Never seeing the downside of life
Sydney streets his playground at night
Driving around
Alleyways, Freeways, Harbour Bridge Crossings
Airport Pick Ups, Hotel Drop-Offs
Immaculate latest model Ford taxi
Entertaining an international passenger
Dad in his prime
At age fifty-nine
A yarn to tell
Like an everlasting
New car smell

Miss you Dad!


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