raw mud

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Sitting in God's room
I push aside fear and doubt
Love and faith take control
His hand in mine,
as I AM connected
as I AM guided
I let go!

Two planks of wood
A hill
The day the earth stood still

The prodigal son wept
As his hero
Sentenced to death

Punked out riot
Leathered lace delight
Silky lemon sent
Heartbeat on rent

The first drink did the damage
All downhill from there
Stroked ego
Exploded rescue flare

Evil rolled itself into a charismatic thunder-wave of rose scented lace, musket powder eye shadow and liquorice flavoured candied leather; it entered the room joyfully spouting expository ‘stupidity and fear’.  The weak listened and became lost in converted magnetic heartlessness; the strong stood-up and were set upon and discredited by doubt… oh pitiful oxymoronic doubt!

Caged meat, city heat, unleashed beast, jealousy, fatal attraction, deceit; broken red stiletto-stabbed-into-unsuspecting-beef, small minded fleece, escaped from infirmed zoo… pity you!